What you need to know about Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Your CPAP.

At CPAP Store London, the health and safety of our customers and employees are our top priority. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus updates and following the recommendations provided by the Gov.UK  as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). We encourage you to visit these sites for additional COVID-19 resource pages. 


How CPAP Store London is responding to COVID-19.

Here’s what to expect from us…

During the ‘Shelter in Place’ order issued on 3/20/2020, CPAP Store London, classified as an essential business, our retail stores will remain open and we will continue to process and ship out your online orders on CPAPStoreUSA.com

At CPAP Store London, our warehouse and the online will continue to process and ship out products to our customers with Free Priority mail shipping nationwide.

♦ We continues to maintain a complete inventory of products, including CPAPs, BiPAPs & BiLevels, Oxygen
Concentrators, Nebulizers and all other necessary supplies.

♦ All on-site team members are required to…

 Wash their hands when entering   the stores or the wearhouse.

 Wear disposable masks and gloves   during the work hours.

 Use our in-house Clyn UVC   Sanitizer .

Use of CPAP Cleaners and Sanitizer to Disinfect Your CPAP and Kill Viruses

Disinfecting your CPAP daily is vital to staying healthy, especially considering the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (source).  CPAP Cleaners and Sanitizers can ensure that your equipment is thoroughly sanitized every night.

  • Multiple studies have proven that 99% of viruses of similar structure to COVID-19 are destroyed or damaged by just 30 seconds of exposure to ozone (source).
  •    Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers kill over 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses in your CPAP and CPAP supplies for a healthier and more restful sleep